A lot of projects I worked on are not published. Here are a few that have been:

Open Source Working Groups

Check out my other open source projects specifications/projects I lead.

SensorLayer v1.0 and v2.0


Pathr.ai is transforming how companies understand their physical locations – through the power of spatial intelligence. I led engineering while I was there.

Aurora Sensor


Part of the team that launched the first Aurora, a camera that processed human patterns at the edge.

SSI Console


Storage for Decentralized Web Nodes

Zion Project


Zion is a peer-governed social network where members are the true owners of their data. I was CTO while I was there.

Starbucks Mug Tracker


A fun little data project to help me figure out which starbucks mugs I was missing, and view starbucks mug collection from around the world...

Service Profiles

Henosisknot LLC

A tool I put together that implements a decentralized service discovery specifcations I lead at Trust Over IP.

D2 Mode For Emacs


D2 Mode For Emacs. Listed by d2 and on MELPA

Web5 Protocols


A public registry/tool I put together for Decentralized Web Node Protocol Specifications while working with Benri

A Novel Approach to Topological Graph Theory with R-K Diagrams and Gravitational Wave Analysis


A academic project I worked on with a friend focusing on Topology and Gravitational Wave Analysis.

Mangalore Mom

A website I help put together for my mother in law to list her recipes

Daily Wisdom

Random facts and information pushed to my slack daily

Hugo Doom Emacs

Emulator for Emacs Doom on Hugo


A website to help me learn Kannada, a language from my wife's home town.


A new project I'm working on. I'll be able to share more soon.


Another new project I'm working on. I'll be able to share more soon.