Andor Labs
A lot of projects I worked on are not published. Here are a few that have been:

Open Source Working Groups

Check out my other open source projects specifications/projects I lead.

SensorLayer v1.0 and v2.0 is transforming how companies understand their physical locations – through the power of spatial intelligence. I led engineering while I was there.

Aurora Sensor


Part of the team that launched the first Aurora, a camera that processed human patterns at the edge.

SSI Console


Storage for Decentralized Web Nodes

Zion Project


Zion is a peer-governed social network where members are the true owners of their data. I was CTO while I was there.

Starbucks Mug Tracker


A fun little data project to help me figure out which starbucks mugs I was missing, and view starbucks mug collection from around the world...

Web5 Tabata App


no ads. open source. personal use. no tracking. free. no paywall. own your workout data with a web5 based tabata timer.

Service Profiles

Henosisknot LLC

A tool I put together that implements a decentralized service discovery specifcations I lead at Trust Over IP.

D2 Mode For Emacs


D2 Mode For Emacs. Listed by d2 and on MELPA

Web5 Protocol Repository


A public registry/tool I put together for Decentralized Web Node Protocol Specifications while working with Benri

A Novel Approach to Topological Graph Theory with R-K Diagrams and Gravitational Wave Analysis

A academic project I worked on with a friend focusing on Topology and Gravitational Wave Analysis.

Mangalore Mom

A website I help put together for my mother in law to list her recipes

Awesome Trust Registries


A curated list of trust registries

Awesome Personal Datastores


A curated list of trust personal data stores

Awesome Decentralized Community


A curated list of trust personal data stores

Daily Wisdom

Random facts and information pushed to my slack daily

Hugo Doom Emacs

Emulator for Emacs Doom on Hugo


A website to help me learn Kannada, a language from my wife's home town.

Yellow Brick Road

A personal finance tool for finding which account works best for you.


Build test vectors and ship more reliably. Not open yet.

Web5 Calendar

Privacy forward calendly competitor