We hired Andor to fix a number of critical bugs in our platform that had built up after a prior development team had offboarded. In spite of there being minimal existing documentation or technical handover available, Andor quickly dug in to our systems and resolved the issues. He also proactively set up new systems, testing, and documentation to assist handover to an incoming BAU development team. Andor was great to work with and was an excellent communicator. He kept us in the loop with everything he did, proactively flagging roadblocks and any trade-off decisions required. His depth of experience and knowledge of industry best practices has been very helpful to us in determining the next steps for our system architecture. His passion for his work is very strong and this shows through in the level of care he puts into his work and the expectations he sets for those around him.

  • David Kim CEO of Rethinkable.xyz.

As the Head of R&D at RetailNext, I had the pleasure of working with Andor quite a bit as he transitioned to a role split between the Customer Experience Team and the R&D Team. Watching him learn quickly and grow into this role for which he had no formal training was impressive, to say the least. Andor is intelligent, well educated, and carries himself well, but more importantly he possesses the most important trait for a technological innovator: insatiable curiosity. His motivation comes from within and he refuses to let up until he's achieved the (often Herculean) goals he's set out for himself.

  • George Shaw, CEO of Pathr

As the senior technical writer at RetailNext, I had the pleasure of working with Andor on several projects. I needed his expertise on a key component of our system in order to write the relevant user guides and he provided the information I needed in spades. Not only did he thoroughly research and organize the information, but he was always happy to stop what he was doing and help me understand some of the more complex aspects of the process. He's smart, hard-working, and easy to work with and is an asset to any team.

  • Vicki Wolfe Senior Technical Writer/Editor