Andor Labs

I revive startup engineering teams and help evaluate technical acquisitions.

Focused on the Decentalized Tech and Retail AI Space.

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Engineering and Product Stabilization For Early Stage Startups

Engineering and Product Stabilization For Early Stage Startups

Are critical deadlines looming while your engineering team struggles with chaos? Trying to raise capital and keep the product afloat? I specialize in stepping into challenging environments—whether they lack structure or face significant disarray—and restoring order and efficiency. I have worked with multiple companies in the past where engineering teams have completely vanished on my clients, and I have come in fresh, stabilized the product and turned things around to operational. My background encompasses working with diverse teams and stacks across various organizations, enabling me to swiftly navigate and rectify complex situations.

Technical Evaluation for M&A Targets

Technical Evaluation for M&A Targets

Considering an acquisition and need to evaluate the technical assets? I offer in-depth technical assessments for mergers and acquisitions. Having been on both sides of the equation—as an acquisition target and an acquirer—I bring a balanced perspective to each evaluation. My expertise spans AI, machine learning, scalable backend systems, front-end development, and more, equipping me to thoroughly analyze and advise on potential technical investments

Pure Engineering/Engineering Management Support

Pure Engineering/Engineering Management Support

Need an IC for a specific project? Need an engineering manager? I offer project based services. I can code in Go, Typescript, Python, and have a little bit of experience with Rust. I have experience with Kubernetes (cloud and edge), ML pipelines, and can support the full stack. I have worked on multiple companies in the Web3 space, Retail AI space, and Decentralized Identity Space. I have a passion particularly for decentralization, but I can spread across other focuses when required.

Over 10+ years of Engineering Startup Experience

Pushing the limits of what's possible

Founding Engineer of 2 Startups

Founding Engineer of, and CTO/Co-Founder of Benri

Leader of the Decentralized Identity Space

Co-Chair of the Technical Steering Committee At Decentralized Identity Foundation

Everything on this website was built by me!

I don't subcontract my work

20+ Engineering Projects

I'm a builder and a doer.


We hired Andor to fix a number of critical bugs in our platform that had built up after a prior development team had offboarded. In spite of there being minimal existing documentation or technical handover available, Andor quickly dug in to our systems and resolved the issues. He also proactively set up new systems, testing, and documentation to assist handover to an incoming BAU development team. Andor was great to work with and was an excellent communicator. He kept us in the loop with everything he did, proactively flagging roadblocks and any trade-off decisions required. His depth of experience and knowledge of industry best practices has been very helpful to us in determining the next steps for our system architecture. His passion for his work is very strong and this shows through in the level of care he puts into his work and the expectations he sets for those around him.
- David Kim (CEO Rethinkable)
Andor Kesselman
Andor Kesselman
Fun fact: This was my attire for my wedding.
Sample Projects
Just some examples of things I have worked on

Open Source Working Groups

Check out my other open source projects specifications/projects I lead.

SensorLayer v1.0 and v2.0 is transforming how companies understand their physical locations – through the power of spatial intelligence. I led engineering while I was there.

Aurora Sensor

Part of the team that launched the first Aurora, a camera that processed human patterns at the edge.

SSI Console

Storage for Decentralized Web Nodes

Zion Project

Zion is a peer-governed social network where members are the true owners of their data. I was CTO while I was there.

Starbucks Mug Tracker

A fun little data project to help me figure out which starbucks mugs I was missing, and view starbucks mug collection from around the world...

Web5 Tabata App

no ads. open source. personal use. no tracking. free. no paywall. own your workout data with a web5 based tabata timer.

Service Profiles

A tool I put together that implements a decentralized service discovery specifcations I lead at Trust Over IP.

D2 Mode For Emacs

D2 Mode For Emacs. Listed by d2 and on MELPA

Web5 Protocol Repository

A public registry/tool I put together for Decentralized Web Node Protocol Specifications while working with Benri

A Novel Approach to Topological Graph Theory with R-K Diagrams and Gravitational Wave Analysis

A academic project I worked on with a friend focusing on Topology and Gravitational Wave Analysis.

Mangalore Mom

A website I help put together for my mother in law to list her recipes

Awesome Trust Registries

A curated list of trust registries

Awesome Personal Datastores

A curated list of trust personal data stores

Awesome Decentralized Community

A curated list of trust personal data stores

OpenSource Activity

Decentralized Web Node Working Group

Co-Chair@DIF 2022-Present

A Decentralized Web Node (DWN) is a data storage and message relay mechanism entities can use to locate public or private permissioned data related to a given Decentralized Identifier (DID). Decentralized Web Nodes are a mesh-like datastore construction that enable an entity to operate multiple nodes that sync to the same state across one another, enabling the owning entity to secure, manage, and transact their data with others without reliance on location or provider-specific infrastructure, interfaces, or routing mechanisms.

Technical Steering Committee Chair

Chair@DIF 2023-Present

Foundational components of an open, standards-based, decentralized identity ecosystem for people, organizations, apps, and devices.

Trust Registry Task Force

Co-Lead@Trust Over IP 2023-Present

The primary objective of this Task Force is to develop the ToIP Trust Registry Protocol as a ToIP Specification. The purpose of this deliverable to enable interoperability between ToIP-compliant trust registries.

Technology Architecture Task Force

Editor@Trust Over IP 2022-Present

The Technology Architecture Task Force (TATF) is a task force of the ToIP Technology Stack Working Group. The mission of the TATF is to draft the ToIP Technology Architecture Specification that defines the overall technical requirements for the four layers of the ToIP stack. Note: this specification is intended to serve as a direct a counterpart to the ToIP Governance Architecture Specification deliverable from the GSWG Governance Architecture TF. (The full set of first-generation ToIP Governance Stack specifications are described in this ToIP blog post.

Service Discovery Task Force

Co-Lead and Founder@Trust Over IP 2024-Present

The mission of the Service Discovery Task Force (SDTF) is to develop specifications that enable discoverability of services in a decentralized context. This includes but is not limited to helping ToIP endpoint systems learn about the services that are available to them, and how to interact with them.

Incubation Labs

Co-Lead and Founder@Decentralized Identity Foundation 2024-Present

An incubation community within DIF that encourages development and collaboration on new ideas and projects.